This film was made in 48 hours, my role was cinematographer and casting.

A weddingfilm about love, passion and happiness.

This film was made for the reopening of the phenomenal restaurant in the Koninklijke Industriële Groote Club Amsterdam.

My graduation project for my community college was this documentary for the NSJO.


Hotel t Kruisselt
Nederlands studenten jeugd orkest
BCD Travel
Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club
Creatieve krachten
Paleis Kwartier
Je Beste Indruk
Dura Vermeer

About me

Abel Andel

Since the age of twelve I have been very interested in movies and camera work. I knew at quite an early age what direction I wanted to go in with my education. During the last three years I have been trained to become an audio visual specialist on mbo-4 level (community college degree).

Camera, light, sound, editing: I enjoy it all. Before I start a study to educate myself further in film, I'd like to gain more experience. That's why I started my own company 6Rec. My clients are companies, organisations and individuals.

My customers are not only very satisfied with my videos, but also with the work process. It's easy to make clear agreements with me and I always deliver what I promise.